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    Post by Kapsody`♥ on Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:07 pm

    Kathy screamed. "Oh really... Did I just spray myself with water? I swear I'm a dumbass." She grabs the towel next to her and dries off her shirt; the rumbling sound of Darren running downstairs startles her.
    "Darren. Really. Is all that noise needed.... I'm trying to clean here". She grabs the dish towel and flings it at him. "Something YOU should be doing because oh look, it’s Friday. Get to work. Our show is going to be on soon."
    He looks at the dish towel on the floor before speaking. "Uh. No. I'm going out." He steps over the towel and reaches towards the fridge.
    "Going out? I thought we were going to watch that new show that was coming on tonight....." Kathy looks up at him. She hated looking up at people; though it was kind of needed of she wanted to make eye-contact with anyone, being 5'2 and whatnot. Darren closes the fridge and looks at her, "Well sorry. The guys called me over, Apparently Cori came up with this crazy new rap and needs some help creating some beats..."
    Kathy laughs. "Needs Help? How the hell can you own a studio and not know how to use it? And you don't even like rap." Cori. The only person in this world Kathy hates with a passion, he’s the reason that Darren was almost sent to Jail last year over a drug bust.
    Darren walks over and hugs her. "Whatever. But he still needs help, we're just going to be brainstorming......Go to bed, I'll be in late."
    Kathy turns her head and continues the dishes, "When you come home drunk I'm NOT taking care of you." And he’s already out the door...

    Kathy hated to admit it, but she actually missed having her brother around. After their Mother's disappearance, she'd thought he'd be around more. Things aren’t always as they seem......

    Kathy hears a clinking sound from the living room. "... Really. Who would be calling me at 12am...?” She quickly sprints into the living room and scans the room franticly in search of her cell phone.
    "OWWW!!! DAMNIT!" she stepped on a Lego and falls to the floor. "WHAT 17 YEAR OLD MALE STILL PLAYS WITH THESE DAMN THINGS!?" she picks it up and throws it across the room...
    She reaches over the couch and looks at the caller ID on her cell.
    Jeremy? He only calls when he wants something.... She debates weather she should answer it or not...
    "Hello?" She whispers "Damnit" to herself after answering.
    Jeremy laughs, "Hi Kathy." A loud crackling sound is heard in the background, "AYE DUDE. SHUT UP. I'M ON THE DAMN PHONE!!!"
    Kathy silences her laugh, "What is it Jeremy?" Another crackling sound is heard, "Uhh.. Yeah.. Me and Tremaine are over here... you want to come over..?"
    Kathy debates in her head, "Just so I can get seduced into doing whatever your sex-crazed mind wants me too? I'm good. My right hand can keep me satisfied."
    Jeremy laughs, "Don't flatter yourself, I don’t want you anymore. Tremaine wants you over here."
    Kathy freezes..... Tremaine? She’s loved him for years.... "Uh.... Hold on."
    She covers her mouth to muffle her laughter.
    "Uhhh... Kathy? Come on. We're about to roll som-" Jeremy stops, "We're going to watch a movie, whatever you request is what we'll watch. Coming over?"
    Kathy is still flailing on the floor in excitement, her excitement dies when she analyzes what he said before he paused. ".... Roll a what..." she sighs.
    ".. I didn’t say that, I said we were going to watch a movie."
    Kathy gets up and lies on the couch....... "I'll come over tomorrow."
    She hangs up and throws her cell phone at the opposite end of the sofa.
    ".... Why does he insist on getting me to smoke, gahh..." she throws her head into the seat cushion and stares at the TV.
    "Darren... I hope he’s okay." she always worries whenever he sees friends.. They always get into some ignorant shit....

    She closes her eyes and falls asleep.....

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