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    Adult Orin


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    Adult Orin

    Post by LoZWhitney on Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:21 am

    This is Orin (The son of Whitney and Fado) as an adult Very Happy but he wears the same outfit as an adolescent (teenager), too. I made another picture of him a few days ago but I don't feel like posting it yet. This one is small because it's supposed to be an icon but I really like how this one turned out, and I'm still a beginner at the WW style. I think he looks cute and kind of sexy (SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE) but that's because me and Fado only make the sexiest offspring. <3

    Orin" alt="" />

    You can see the resemblense actually. Whitney's outfit changes when she becomes a mage. SPOILER : Fae gets married when she is grown, but, Orin stays single. In one of my FF's, Orin claims he does not need nor want a soul mate and never ends up in a relationship.
    FACT : Everyone's ages are unknown, since Kokiri's never age. So, even if Whitney were to become a grandmother, she would still keep her youthful looks, strange, right? She remains alone without a love life for the rest of her life after Fado's death. Even if Fado is deceased, she wants to stay faithful to him forever. She visits his spirit that remains in the wind temple once in a while so even if he IS deceased, she still talks to him and keeps in touch.

    WW Whitney" alt="" />

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