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    Post by LoZWhitney on Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:49 am

    It helps and it is interesting. So...yeah. But, I did this for fun.
    Name : Whitney
    Race : Kokiri
    Age : Adult
    Personality : Clumsy, Curious, Fearless
    Title : Mage/Sorcerer of Wind
    Gender : Female
    Hometown : Kokiri Forest
    Homeland : Hyrule
    BIOGRAPHY : Whitney was born in the Kokiri forest in Hyrule before Hyrule was flooded. She befriended the Sage of Wind, Fado and soon married him. They had two kids by the names "Orin" and "Fae", Orin being the older sibling. She had met Vaati while doing some tasks outside of Hyrule. Hearing that she had the dream of one day being a mage, Vaati gave her the opportunity to train under his wing. Seeing how skilled and fast learning she was, Vaati wanted her power and requested that she be his assistant to make it look like he just needed a helper, seeing that she would never agree to domination of the world. Ganondorf one day removed the seal that was placed on him and sent a servant (Molgera) to kill Fado in order to eliminate power from the Master Sword. After Fado was killed, Whitney was determined to become a master mage. Whitney trained for years, becoming a sage almost as powerful than Vaati himself. Fearing this, Vaati attempted to secretly seal her away. After noticing how suspicious Vaati was acting, she found out that in the past, Vaati carried off beautiful maidens to his palace and terrorized the people in Hyrule. Whitney then forced Vaati to admit his crimes, making a conclusion that he had an objective to do something to her similiar to what he did to the maidens. Vaati now knew that his plans of demolishing her were not going to head to success and he challenged her to a battle of the death. Whitney bet her soul over the battle stating that if she lost, her soul would be his. She then defeated him and sealed him away.

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    Post by Kapsody`♥ on Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:06 am

    Ooooh! SWEET Very Happy

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