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    Hysteria (Prt 3)


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    Hysteria (Prt 3)

    Post by Kapsody`♥ on Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:36 pm

    Notice: I asked a friend for suggestions of where the story should go next~ She said "Make Rae more sweet and Daniel more passionate and rough." Bam, explains a huge difference in Daniel's personality.
    I was also asked if I could draw a picture to match the characters. I'll work on that later.
    Enjoy! <3

    Different parts here:
    Part One
    Part Two

    "Nice name". Rae says while picking up a shovel. "Its alright. I'll do it." Seth smirks. "Your going to clean the entire stable?" Rae says with a puzzled look on her face. "Of course, A girl so pretty shouldn’t do shush horrid work."

    His phrase angered Rae. "YOU DONT WANT ME TO SHOVEL HORSE SHIT AROUND BECAUSE I'M PRETTY!?!?!?........." she thought. "Well...less work for me to do....." she sits down on the ground.
    Seth puts the shovel down and sits close to Rae. "Uhhhh...your kind of invading my personal space.", "I know." He smirks. "Uh yeahhh I'm just going to move overrrr there....." Rae whispers while scooting over.

    "Come onnn! Lets play a game!" Seth grabs Rae and tickles her. "HEY!!!! THATS NOT FUNNY!!!!" she laughs.

    She noticed a shadow above her and looks up. "SETH....WHAT THE HELL DID I TELL YOU!?" Daniel strikes Seth. "I FUCKING TOLD YOU DONT TALK TO HER DIDNT I!!!"


    Daniel continues punching Seth in the face.

    "URG!!! COME ON!!", "OH MY GOD HES BLEEDING! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!?" Rae screams. "COME ON!!!' Daniel grabs Rae's arm and pulls her into the house. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! LET ME GO YOU ASSWAGON!" She starts hitting at him. "OH PLEASE. I'm doing this for your own good."

    They reach the prince's bedroom. Daniel walks into the door. "GAHH! WHO PUT THIS DOOR HERE? I'll have it removed at ONCE!" Rae laughs her herself, Daniel opens the door and throws her on the bed.

    "WHAT WAS BUTLER THINKING!? YOU DONT WORK IN THE STABLES! YOU WORK IN THE HOUSE" Daniel paces around the room ranting. "Well you never even told me what I'm supposed to do here, so actually. its kind of your fault." Rae pouts and crosses her arms. "I bought you, you live here. isn’t that enough information for you?" Daniel calms down.

    "Your a real asshole you know that!!!!", "One of the perks of being royalty. you can be an asshole whenever you want!". Daniel laughs. "What was I ranting about...?", "Who cares. I'm going to the kitchen to do my work. Since YOU fucking OWN ME APPARENTLY." Rae stomps towards the door.
    "Its late, you should go to bed." Daniel Suggests, "Late...? its 9:30am." Rae laughs.
    "Then I must be tired." Daniel sits on the bed. "Come to bed with me?".
    "You wish. I don’t even know you", Rae continues walking. "I'm 18, my name is Daniel Kuehl and I'm a prince, There, you know me." Rae stops. "I'll go sleep in my OWN bed.", "No, then you'll have to continue working.", "THATS NOT FAIR!!!!", "I don’t have to be fair" Daniel chuckles. "Come on, its not like I'm going to do something wrong" Rae glares at him. "I want to know your definition of wrong first." Daniel takes off his shoe. 'OWW! DID. DID YOU JUST KNOW YOUR SHOE AT ME!?" Rae yells. "Yes, That’s my definition of wrong." Daniel laughs. "That...that...doesn’t even make sense!!!", "And it also doesn’t make sense to continue working if you have the opportunity to go to sleep......".

    "PRINCE! PRINCE!!!!!!!" Butler comes rushing down the hall. "YOUR FATHER IS HERE!!!! YOUR FATHER IS HERE!". Daniel stands up. "DAMNIT....." he goes to answer the door.
    "YOUR FATHER! HE IS HERE!" The butler continues to shout. "I'll answer the door!" The butler tries to catch his breath. "No thanks...I'll get this..." Daniel walks down the hall with Butler.
    "HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME!" Rae yells. Daniel and Butler ignore her.

    "Sigh....Prince....What is wrong with you...." she follows after them. She hears a hearty loud voice, "WELL WELL DANIEL! LONG TIME NO SEE! HEY SON?", "There’s a reason for that, and don’t call me your son" Daniel replies. "Oh your still a little stubborn sport! WHERE IS THIS BEAUTIFUL SLAVE BUTLER TOLD ME ABOUT!!" Daniel glares at butler.... "She’s...she was bought back by her family."
    "NONSENSE! I'LL SEE HER AT ONCE!", Rae slowly walks back up the hall.
    "MY MY! IS THAT HER?" The King asks. "Why isn’t she in the kitchen? Have you not trained her?"
    "Trained? She’s a human being" Daniel snorts. "Oh you were always like that, so ignorant, it sickens me." The King laughs. "TO THE KITCHEN WITH YOU."
    "Excuse me? The snotty prince is my so called owner, not you" Rae walks in the other direction.
    "She’s disrespectful, you obviously have not trained her, being the kind man I am. I'll do it for you Daniel, Watch!" The king says. "Father......"

    The King strikes Rae, she falls to the ground moaning. "FATHER!" Daniel screams. "I believe its time for you to leave. Now." Daniel directs the King towards the door.
    "You may be legal now, but I'm still in a higher authority than you...PRINCE." the King laughs.
    "Until you finally fall you old bastard." Daniel opens the door.
    "You'll learn your lesson one day...." The king heads towards the door. "You'll never be king until your lesson is learned"
    Daniel slams the door.
    "THAT...FUCKING.....GAHHH!!!!" Daniel walks towards Rae. "I'm sorry, he’s...he’s, Well. heartless."
    "I'll go get a towel for Miss Rae..." The Butler runs up the hall.

    ".....He’s going to be back....." Daniel thinks. "Why did I do that...."

    Next part here: Rae's Emotion's

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    Re: Hysteria (Prt 3)

    Post by winterKIRA on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:13 am

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