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    Hysteria (Prt 1)


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    Hysteria (Prt 1)

    Post by Kapsody`♥ on Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:59 pm

    My newest series! Hopefully it'll be enjoyed. <3

    "....What?... WHAT!?!?! YOUR DOING WHAT TO ME!?', Rae screamed at the top of her lungs at the shocking news she just heard. "Sweetie...It’s to save the house...". Her mother whispered trying to calm Rae down. "YOU’RE SELLING ME? SELLING ME? TO SAVE THE HOUSE? I'D RATHER LIVE IN THE GUTTER WITH THE CRAZY ONE EYED MAN THAN BE SOLD!", "You know the young twins can’t live in the streets? I'm sorry Rae, but the man is already coming over within the hour." Rae's mother walks up the stairs to tend to the twins. ".....HEARTLESS BITCH!!!" Rae screams. Her mother turns around, "I suggest you take your belongings unless you want that to be sold also." she continues walking.

    A knock is heard from the door. Rae's younger brother runs to open it. "RAEEE! RAAAE! WHO IS IT!? I CANT SEE!!!!". The knock is heard again, "HOLD ON, I AM COMING!" Rae's father trips down the stairs. He picks up his hat and continues to run towards the door. "Who is it!?" The jolly man asks. "Open the damn door." a harsh deep voice replies. There’s a pause. "Did you HEAR me?" the voice yells. "I did, but the swearing was not necessary." The door busts down. A man in black appears. "I gave you a warning...." The man looks around. "Where’s the girl?", "Oh here she is!" Rae's father points. "I thought she'd be prettier." The man taunts. "EXUSE ME?" Rae screams. The man puts her over his shoulders. "PUT ME DOWN YOU OX!!!" Rae screams and kicks at the man. Here’s your earnings, the man hands her father the money.

    "But...this...this is just Clay!". Her father exclaims. "You should have read the contract, the girl for 5,000 coins, the contract didn’t read that legal money must be used.". The man laughs.
    "FATHER!!! FATHER!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!" Rae screams. "RAE! DADDY! Why does he have Rae!?" Her younger brother begins to weep. "I'll explain later......" the father whispers before closing the door.
    "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME YOU JACKASS!?" Rae screams. "The car. The prince would like to see you."

    "Prince...what prince....?" Rae thinks. The man opens the door and throws her into the car.
    "Hi.....". A voice from behind her said.
    "WHO....WHO ARE YOU?", "Your new owner. Put on your safety belt.", "TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.", "Your on the dim side arent you?, its a long ride. Go to sleep."
    Rae sits up and yells "NO.......". The Prince sighs, "Butler.....".
    The driver stops the car. "Just sit still, it shouldnt hurt." The Butler pulls out a needle.
    "HEY!!!!" Rae screams.

    To be continued.

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    Re: Hysteria (Prt 1)

    Post by LoZWhitney on Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:43 am


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