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    The Unfortunate Mystery (Prt 2)


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    The Unfortunate Mystery (Prt 2)

    Post by Kapsody`♥ on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:08 am

    Yo~ before you continue, this is apart of a series! Read part 2 here.
    The Unfortunate Mystery (One)

    The incredibly loud creaking of the floor Cade walked on when he got up from his bed. He was in that room for days. Even though it seemed like hours. Still in disbelief, He wanted to know more, more of Nakia’s Murder, But at the same time. He didn’t want to bring it up with anyone. Everyone was crushed about Nakia’s death. ”Who was the bastard that killed her!?” He kept thinking. He was afraid to show any emotions, afraid that he’ll get pushed around because of it. He thought more and more of who would possibly do that? Was it an accident? Was it planned? Who would want her dead? Maybe it was at random. The angrier he got thinking of what he would do to the person that murdered her. Cade decided maybe a walk could clear his mind. He didn’t even change his clothes. Just walked out the door. ”…Why….” He couldn’t stop thinking. ”CADE! CADE! CADE!” A girl yelled while running down the street. ”CADE! IM SO SORRY!” The girl yelled before hugging Cade. ”I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!! ARE YOU OKAY?????” She kept yelling. Cade didn’t want to speak to anyone. He would only mumble out his words. “HOW IS HER FAMILY!!!!!!? HOW ARE THEY TAKING THIS!!!?????”. Everyone has been asking Cade this for days, After awhile it really annoyed him. He tried to put even the tiniest smile on his face. Would acting normal make him feel better? Cade just smirked at the girl before walking down the street towards Daniel’s house, Daniel, His friend since they were little, was always there through it all. When even the smallest problems were huge. He was there.
    Cade walked up the 3 creaking steps leading to Daniel’s front door. “Oh, Hey Cade” Daniel opened the door and appeared. ”Perfect timing, I was just about to see if you were okay”. “Mhmmm…..Yeah” Cade said cheerfully. ”You see happy already?” Daniel was confused. His girlfriend of 3 years. Almost 4! Just passed. And he seemed like it was just a normal Saturday. “He got over it that quickly..?” He thought.
    “…Daniel…? I have to ask you a few questions, Okay?”. Cade said trying to snap Daniel out of his short Daze. ”Uhm…Sure..come inside” Daniel leaded him into the house to the Kitchen. “You never liked Nakia. Did you Daniel?”, “What…? N-no! She was a friend to me too” Daniel replied nervously. ”. “..How did he know…?” Daniel Thought. “I should have tried to make friends with her! Then. I’d be hurting right now too. I’m such a horrible person….”

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