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    The Unfortunate Mystery (Prt 1)


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    The Unfortunate Mystery (Prt 1)

    Post by Kapsody`♥ on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:03 am

    Alright, my first series here Smile Not my best work. but enjoy neitherless.

    Why…? Why…? After all that…3 Years…So much. Why? Did I do something? So sudden….Why…..” Millions of thoughts attacked Cade’s mind. “I’m sorry…..” The note read. Written messy, as if Nakia was shaking when writing it. Cade tried to stand against the cold hospital wall. “Why……..” He could only thing. Unable to hear anything. Unable to see anything. One of the worst feelings a human could possibly imagine. No one could snap him out of it. The entire Hospital could have blown up. He wouldn’t have taken notice. Cade looked at the note once again before sliding to the floor. He felt completely weak. Unable to stand. Unable to move. In disbelief from the doctors words. “I’m sorry to say…but…She has….Passed” Snapping at the doctor about the “Cruel joke” He was pulling before he realized what happened. His only love. Gone. Nadia’s sister helped Cade off the floor. Had no idea what was going on, Cade’s parents went home. The quietest car ride home, it could have made history books. Everyone shaken. It was like Cade was in a daze. Not fully there, His dad helped him out the car into his bedroom. His dad tried helping him to the bed. Cade decided he wanted to sleep on the floor that night. The Huntington’s house was still quiet. Not a word said the entire morning. It was almost 4pm when Cade finally woke-up. Morning dad, Mornin Mom” Cade said before sitting down at the table. “Son are you okay?” Cade’s dad asked. “Yeah….Just kinda weird…The…strangest nightmare happened.”, “What was it about Cade?” His mother asked. “Nakia died. Suicide, it was strange. It seemed so real…..Everything seemed so cloudily though”, Cade’s father looked as if he wanted to say something, then shut his mouth…… “Cade….It wasn’t a dream...” His mother said quietly. “Riiiiiight” Cade said sarcastically.

    ”Remember the note you were holding. That read ’I’m Sorry’?” His mother said.

    “How did……...” Cade’s voice drifted off. He ran up to his room before another word could even be spoken. His father tried calling him. Cade ignored him as he ran to his room, slammed the door and locked it. It was like a part of him was missing. Knowing he’d never be able to speak to her again, hear her voice, see her face, talk to her…..
    Cade was lying on his bed. As still as a Statue. A loud knock at the door. It was his friend, Daniel who tried to comfort him at the hospital last night. He didn’t know what to say. How he would even start a conversation with any other phrase besides”I’m Sorry”
    Daniel sat on the bed, Afraid to even speak. “Cade……..I’m sorry….I know you loved her…….” Daniel whispered. Cade didn’t even want to speak. Daniel wondered if he should say anymore. He just sat there. Thinking of anything to say. “I’m going to leave now…I’ll check on you later…” Daniel finally managed to choke out. He didn’t want to leave, the awkwardness was too much.
    Daniel felt horrible. He didn’t really care that Nakia died. He never even knew her. He just heard Cade talk about her a lot. Daniel was actually jealous of her.
    He walked down the stairs towards the exiting door. ”I tried talking to him. He was silent” He told Cade’s parents before walking out…
    “Maybe…he’ll pay attention to me again….” Daniel thought before closing the door.

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